About Me

Jerry Walker Food Photographer.

Hi There!

As any good food photographer and chef knows, we eat with our eyes first.

 The instant the plate appears, we have made so many subconscious decisions. We are already salivating over the tastes and textures we are about to devour. 

 The chef, who has spent countless hours developing and testing what appears on our plate.
The photographer must then utilise their skills to convert the mood, textures and colours of the dish into a two-dimensional representation of the chef's art.

 I have spent over 25 years as a chef working in everything from Gastro Pubs to Michelin starred restaurants, coupled with 30 years of photography experience gives me a great understanding of my client's needs. This puts me in a unique position to create images that truly make you hungry.

By working together, we can create your food vision with pictures you can almost taste.