About Me

Jerry Walker Food Photographer.

Hi There!

Growing up, I always loved taking photographs. It began when I found an old Kodak brownie stuffed in the back of my grandparent's wardrobe.

My first pictures were black and white; colour film was more than my pocket money could stretch to. 

Waiting to pick up my pictures from the local chemist was half the excitement.


My passion for food, however, didn't begin until I began a weekend job at a local hotel. I'll never forget the smells, the heat and hustle and bustle of working in a professional kitchen.

I would hope someone in the restaurant would order a flambeé, giving me the chance to perform some very special cleaning with a piece of french stick.
Needless to say, I have spent a good part of my life working in kitchens,  from scrubbing pots to designing menus and creating dishes. 

Now I am lucky enough to combine my passion for food with my love of photography, to create images that truly make you hungry.

Jerry Walker Food photographer